Free Alphabet Playdough Mats Your PreK Kiddo Will Love

Alphabet playdough mats are a great way for kids to learn to recognize and form letters. These free alphabet playdough mats are so fun kids won’t even know they are learning.

alphabet playdough mats

Unpopular opinion, I wouldn’t say I like playdough. I know, I know! It is just that it usually ends up in a disaster on the floor, leaving a mess for me (and sometimes my little one) to clean up.

But, I know how beneficial playdough is to a child’s overall development, so I keep buying it or sometimes making it.

Since I have to have this evil invention in my house, I decided to put it to good use with these free alphabet playdough mats.

Why use playdough mats?

Using play-doh mats can help kids build their fine motor skills while learning something new.

Because kids have to squish and roll the playdough to form their letters, they will be strengthening the muscles in their little fingers.

This is going to help them with their pencil grip and writing later.

Ways to use these free alphabet playdough mats:

Print the mats on cardstock. If I am working with younger kiddos, I will print one letter to a page. But, you can also print multiple letters to a page to save paper.

I would definitely recommend laminating them first. This way, they will stand up to sticky hands.

You can also put them inside a sheet protector, but placing multiple letters on one page makes it a little more tricky to use the letters you are focusing on.

Practice rolling out the dough with your kiddos and forming different shapes before moving on to the mats.

Say the letter name and the sound it makes as they are forming the letter shape. When they have completed that task, look at the pictures under the letter and name each one.

Emphasize the beginning sound and ask them to identify the pictures with the same sound as the letter they just made.

More alphabet playdough mats:

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